3 local police agencies respond to Cherry Avenue fight early Sunday morning

No arrests made after those involved don’t press charges

ROCHELLE — Upon arrival at Cherry Avenue early Sunday morning, Rochelle Police encountered 20-25 people yelling at a state trooper who had one subject detained after a fight, Rochelle Police Chief Eric Higby said. 

Ogle County Sheriff’s deputies and the Illinois State Police responded to the report of the fight first after 1:51 p.m. call. Higby said Rochelle Police were responding to another call when the fight report came in. 

The incident occurred in the 300 block of Cherry Avenue, Higby said. The incident started due to an altercation between two combatants, Higby said. No arrests were made due to those involved not wanting to press charges. 

Deputies and ISP had two people detained when Rochelle police arrived. The investigation into the incident is still pending due to authorities wanting to review video footage and the possibility that those involved may change their mind about pressing charges. 

Higby said his department was glad to have the help early Sunday morning. 

“Any time there’s a large fight we ask for help,” Higby said. “The delay is why the other agencies got there first. We only had three people working at that time. It sounds like only two people were actually fighting. A lot of others were getting involved and trying to separate it. They were talking trash to each other all night. When the bar closed it got physical.”

Higby said one male involved was swinging a belt and someone sustained a wound to the head from a belt buckle. 

Police have responded to the area for fights in the past. 

“If you asked me that 25 years ago, I would’ve said we have something like this happen every weekend,” Higby said. “We don’t typically have problems. This is probably the second time in six weeks. The last time was outside Fuzions. It’s fairly rare.”