An RCH Foundation update

Rochelle is a very open-hearted community. Whenever there are circumstances that need our attention, i.e., COVID-19, family tragedies, weather related disasters, etc., this community comes together to help those involved. 

When these include emergency health issues, we have no farther to look than “down the street” to our local hospital for help. Rochelle Community Hospital is here for us in our daily health needs as well. Family doctors, nurse practitioners, specialists, nurses, physical therapy, heart-health therapy, routine bloodwork and required x-ray, mammograms, ultrasound and MRI’s are all available.

It is important to support RCH in all ways possible. And our most important supporters are you, our community. Many of you have assisted us in the past. We cannot thank you enough and we want to make sure that you are able to keep up with what our foundation does for RCH. Visit the following link to keep informed on the foundation and RCH at

Our hope is to keep our lines of communication open in many different forms. That way, those of you who desire to support our foundation will have the information you need to know and to understand how your donations are benefitting the community and hospital. We want to assist you as you plan your future giving, so that the RCH Foundation may be part of those plans if you so desire. We reach out to you, so that you can reach out to our hospital whenever the need arises. The right care is right here in Rochelle.

Reed W. Harris is the president of the Rochelle Community Hospital Foundation.


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