Barrels of blossoms

ROCHELLE — What started out as a contest has turned into barrels of blossoms at nearly every turn in the downtown area.

Over 30 barrels are filled with plants and flowers thanks to individual and business sponsors, all participating in this year’s Blooming Blossom contest. Downtown Rochelle Association leaders, sponsors, and volunteers are coordinating the project that is bringing vibrant splashes of color to the sidewalks around Rochelle.

Several of the barrels have themes as well, including the barrel of monkeys next to the city’s Community Development building and the Lincoln Highway highlighting Route 66.

Each sponsor put their own unique touches to the plantings and they are also responsible for the water and care throughout the summer. The judging will take place the week leading up to the Lincoln Highway Heritage Festival. The winner will be announced on Sunday, August 19 at the Festival.



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