Big success

Several Kiwanis Golden K members helped to serve guests their heaping bowls of chili. Between 700 and 800 people attended this year’s Chili Day fundraiser on Saturday

ROCHELLE — The community came out in droves to support the Rochelle Kiwanis Golden K Chili Day fundraiser on Saturday.

Although the final tallies are not in, at last count over 700 people attended the event. At times Hicks Hall was near capacity with the line of people stretched to the door. Golden K member and Chili Day chairman Craig Aamodt said the service club nearly sold out of chili.

He expressed his gratitude to the many involved in the day’s success.

“We had really good help from Focus House, those kids did an outstanding job as well as the kids in Key Club with their help too,” Aamodt said. “I’m proud of everyone and we had tremendous support from the community. I’m truly appreciative of the local support … money raised from these events stays here in Rochelle.”

Aamodt added several Golden K members were “super salesman” in their efforts to sell tickets ahead of the event. 

“We probably served somewhere between 700 and 800 people and that number does not include children 10 years and younger … we did not charge for them,” he said. “Everyone did their part, members helping in the kitchen, others in the dining area running around. We have 90-year old members who still work this event. I can’t thank them enough.”

The Kiwanis Golden K also host Pancake Day and Peanut Day fundraisers that benefit over 20 organizations in the community. Currently the service club has about 50 members and meets every Thursday morning at Hickory Grove.

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