Board approves purchase of technology, cooling equipment

ROCHELLE — Rochelle Township High School Board members approved several expenditures Monday night, including upgrading the school’s audio/video door access control system and an air conditioning system for the MDF Room.
Superintendent Jamie Craven recommended updating the school’s monitoring system to allow multiple screening points.
“I am recommending that we accept the bid from Freeport Communications in the amount of $4,585.40 to replace our Video Door Access Control System.  This system is the first line of defense in securing our facility and primarily monitored by Mrs. [Debbie] O’Brien and Mrs. [Teresa] Ricketts when visitors come to the building,” Craven said. “This system will allow for multiple viewers further securing our screening procedure.”
It was explained that the current system shows a 1” by 1” photo of the person buzzing in for access to the building and is often hard to see. The current system also does not record consistently making it sometimes difficult to look back at visitors if necessary.
Board members also approved an air conditioning system for climate control of the server and communication equipment room.
“Mark Klouse and Will Wise have solicited three options to address our air conditioning system in the MDF Room.  We must maintain climate control for all servers and communication equipment,” Craven explained to board members. “Our current system is not connected to the back-up generator and to convert it over would be about the equivalent of replacing with a new unit. The proposal from Miller Engineering Company is $19,576.”
Board members approved both expenditures. They also approved new camera equipment for the Library Media Center.
Freeport Communications presented the district with a bid of $4,736.92 to expand surveillance systems in the media center. Craven told board members that Ann Marie Jinkins, the school’s librarian, requested the equipment due to damage that has occurred in hard to monitor areas of the library.

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