Capital improvement plan approved

ROCHELLE — Rochelle officials approved a five-year Capital Improvement Plan outlining projects already approved in the 2018 budget as well as staff’s recommended priorities for the next four years.
In the plan, several financial sources were identified including general, electric, solid waste, and enterprise funds as well as bonds and grants. Some of the 2018 projects include the radium removal plant for Well 11, runway and taxiway rehabilitation at the airport, electric easements for substations, and the Seventh Avenue Bridge over the Kyte River.
“The city’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a multi-year planning instrument for the evaluation and identification of the capital infrastructure projects in need of repair, and/or construction along with the equipment or vehicle replacement over the next five years,” said city manager Jeff Fiegenschuh. “The CIP relates these projected capital needs to the financial sources that will support their realization and the timeframe in which the financing and work will take place.”
After identifying and prioritizing projects, they are integrated into the long-range fiscal and strategic planning.
Property sale
City council also approved the authorization of the sale of personal property no longer needed.
These include over 160 department items from the police, electric, engineering, community development, streets, communications, and City Hall. An auction is pending April 14.

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