Commends Kinzinger’s recent words, actions

I am going to echo some comments from Brad Jennings you may have read last week on this page. Brad is the editor of the Ogle County Life and commented on Congressman Adam Kinzinger and his recent statements concerning the Republican Party.
I have written Congressman Kinzinger several times about votes he has taken, his lack of accessibility to people in this part of his district, government policies and other issues. In short, I have not been a big fan of him.
But I commend him for what he has said and done in the past few weeks. Kinzinger has stood up for the voice of reason in his party, a voice that is being drowned out by right wing extremists and conspiracy believing politicians. He has also stood up for our Constitution, upholding his oath of office.
It takes a lot of courage to buck the leadership of your party. Kinzinger runs the risk of facing a Republican backed primary opponent, reduced support from the party, hate mail from his constituents and even ostracism from members of his own family for what he has said.
But he did it because it is right. He is putting his country first, and that is what more politicians should be doing.
Years ago there used to be stop signs on Sixth Street at Fourth Avenue but when the overpass went in, the stop signs was removed.
Yet I still encounter people who come to a stop while driving on Sixth Street. This is confusing to people at the stop sign on Fourth Avenue or turning left off of Sixth Street. If there is no stop sign, please don’t stop.
I am always impressed when people I know say hello when I am out in public. With my Cubs hat pulled down and my mask up, only my eyes are visible yet, people recognize me. I, on the other hand, almost need people to wear gigantic name tags even when not wearing masks.

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