Community center design revealed at special meeting

Scott Mutton, vice president for design and technology at Ringland-Johnson Construction, gives details about the design layouts of the Flagg-Rochelle Community Park District recreation center on Thursday. (Photo by Russell Hodges)

Park board approves ordinances for $14 million in bonds

ROCHELLE — The Flagg-Rochelle Community Park District gave members of the public their first near-final glimpse of the design layout of the $14 million recreation center coming to the Hub City in the near future. The design was revealed during special session at City Hall on Thursday.

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The 91,090 square-foot facility will be located on the south side of Helms Park near Walgreens at the bend of Jones Road and Ninth Street. Over 200 parking spaces will be available, with 162 spaces at the north lot off Jones Road and 44 spaces at the south lot off Ninth Street.

A small playground and patio area will rest between the north parking lot and the front of the recreation center, with a walkway running around the west side of the building and leading to a second small patio area and into the 24-hour fitness facility. Scott Mutton, vice president for design and technology at Ringland-Johnson Construction, presented the designs during Thursday’s special meeting.

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“It’s been a great project and it’s been awesome working with Jackee [Ohlinger] and Tim [Hayden],” Mutton said. “It’s been a lot of fun and we want to get this right. I’m planning to bring my kids here… We have a preliminary construction schedule already but we need to get our project managers on board to really dial that in.”

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The main entrance will be located at the northwest corner of the building, leading into the main lobby which will feature front-desk space, office space, bathrooms and entrances to the basketball and volleyball area at the northeast corner of the building. A north-south corridor will run from the lobby to the south side of the building.

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Two multipurpose rooms, one classroom with wooden flooring, the fitness facility and the aquatics facility are placed, from north to south, at the west end of the building. The aquatics facility will feature two locker rooms, one four-lane competitive swimming pool with starting blocks and one recreational swimming pool.

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The northeast end of the building will have enough hard floor space for up to four basketball courts and four volleyball courts. The southeast corner of the building will have enough turf space for two soccer fields, with batting and golf cages, lowered from the ceiling, placed at the east side of the northern-most soccer field. A storage facility will be located south of the southern-most soccer field.

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The park district board approved two ordinances to sell up to $14 million in bonds during Thursday’s special meeting. The first ordinance allowed for up to $6 million in general obligation bonds to be sold, while the second ordinance allowed for up to $8 million in alternate revenue bonds to be sold. Financial advisor Tom Chapman said the goal is for the park district to secure funding for the project secured by late July.

“These ordinances lay out the parameters so we can go into the marketplace,” Chapman said. “We’re going through the rating process next week… We’re hoping that we’ll be in the marketplace by the end of the month, and then you’ll have the funds by the end of July.”


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