Consider this: In short, it’s up to us

Reed Harris

I’m guessing that there are a lot of people frustrated with our Federal Government and how things are trudging along. We seem to move at a pace that would make sloths, slugs, turtles and other animals’ movements appear to be lightning fast. Then, when they do decide on passing a bill or setting priorities, we don’t agree with what they have done.

Not only do we disagree with what Congress has done, but we appear to be pushing more and more for one person to control everything. We are so sick of hearing about what isn’t working or doesn’t work, we are happy to give it up to one person or if that is not quite how you feel, then to one party. We don’t think that a constitution designed for “we, the people” is right anymore. Yet the key to why we feel that way is in that phrase “we, the people”.

Congress is filled to the brim with Representatives and Senators that when chewing on a bill or other document chew so hard and long that what is spit out is meaningless dust. But wait, didn’t we elect those people? Aren’t they the ones who are getting reelected every term? Yes, “we, the people” are getting tired of ourselves. Of our failures to change our votes when we know we should. And we seem to be afraid to vote for someone else in our party’s primary when an incumbent is running, or even afraid to change parties.

Are we worried someone may find out?  Are we worried that we may lose our long, long friends? Are we worried that we have been wrong in the past and so we must keep up the status quo? Maybe we are worried that we might make a wrong decision? Well, we all have made wrong decisions in the past, have lived with them, and the world is still here. Our lives still move along.

There are people who vote the way their spouses do no matter what. There are people who vote the way their family always has, no matter what. So, when we are told that at 18, we’ll be on our own, what does that mean? Yes, we have been taught values by our parents. Yes, we love our parents very much. But when you go out in the world on your own, that means fending, providing and thinking for ourselves. Of course, we value what our parents say and do, but we are on our own now. Now it’s up to us alone.

Let’s look at that Government that some of us feel would work.  One that is controlled by a single person or party.  What would that mean to us?  Well, we wouldn’t have to think anymore.  No more decisions on what pay we will receive, what property we will own, who will we vote for, and what’s in our future. No more worry about what books we read, what schools and courses will be available to us, what states and countries we can visit since all this will have been decided.

What party will you be affiliated with? It really won’t matter since the only party structure will be at the very top. Yes, we may be able to vote for other party’s but, low and behold, the party in power will always win. Who is the president you will vote for? If we still have voting and a president, there will be more than one candidate. Sure, the one in power will stay in power, so what will be done with those votes that may be counted for the other candidates. They will be tallied. Will there be any chance that they know who cast those votes?

I previously mentioned no more worry about what property we will own. Take, for instance, you are a farmer that owns the land you farm. If a corporation or well-to-do person thinks your land is a great piece of property, will they be able to take it from you? Today, there are a few blocks that must be removed before anything you have can be taken. Will the future be the same?

I’m not trying to be a negative person, but with a former President who has now been indicted multiple times, but who has lost few supporters, it is hard to see where we could end up. No one is guilty until proven so, but I did see the Jan. 6, 2021 riot at the Capital and the rally that happened just before. This makes me wonder where we are heading.

Interestingly, the rioters that are members of militias of varying types, probably have no idea what would happen if they had obtained what they were fighting for. More than likely, they would have been shut down by the very people they kept in office. After all, if they could live the riot, what else were they capable of?

So maybe it behooves us to do something for ourselves. Elect people that vote in a way that helps everyone in our country. If our current electors are of this category, then keep them in office. If not, elect someone else. No one knows how you vote unless you tell them. At least in our current framework. Remember what you were told, when you became 18, and make up your own mind.  Our system works when everyone does their job.  Especially the voters.

We may lose an election once or twice, but our system is based on the greatest number of votes. If we think that something went wrong, then we must push for stricter voter laws that allow all of us to vote and have those votes count.  We must get rid of gerrymandering for the sake of electing specific people. We must also get rid of the Electoral College. It was used for its purpose many years ago, but has no business being used in our current elections.

In short, it’s up to us. You and me. The voters in this great country of OURS!