Creston Board: Donation for Booster Days fireworks approved

At its monthly meeting Tuesday, the Creston Village Board voted unanimously to make a donation of $2,700 to the Creston Booster Club to help pay for this year’s Creston Booster Days fireworks.

Village is working to remove abandoned vehicles

CRESTON — At its monthly meeting Tuesday, the Creston Village Board voted unanimously to make a donation of $2,700 to the Creston Booster Club to help pay for this year’s Creston Booster Days fireworks. 

Village Trustee Steve Katzman said Booster Days is planned for Sept. 16-18 of this year and planning is going well. Overall, the fireworks will cost around $5,000 for the booster club this year, he said. The village makes a donation each year for the fireworks. 

“We should give them some money again,” Village Trustee Curt Ward said. “Everybody seems to enjoy them.”

Village President Tom Byro said the village will also grant the annual festival a liquor license for each of its three days. 


Discussion was held Tuesday between trustees, Village Attorney Russell Crull and Village Building Inspector Casper Manheim about abandoned vehicle issues in the village.

Manheim updated trustees about conversations he’s had with residents relating to a few of the issues at addresses in Creston. He plans to work with Crull in the future on other addresses with abandoned vehicles to get residents to remove them in compliance with village ordinances. 

“I think there are several more around town that we can work on getting removed,” Village Trustee Mike Kerns said. “You just have to drive around and look. I think if we send a letter to one person about it, we should send it to them all. There are a lot around.”


While Village Engineer Kevin Bunge was absent Tuesday night, he provided Byro with an update on several projects that he’s working on. 

“He's continuing to make progress on the quiet zone, the water main extensions are coming along, he's working on the rehabilitation of well three and we haven't heard anything yet on the downtown grant,” Byro said. 

Earlier this year, the village board authorized Bunge to start work on changing infrastructure at Creston’s railroad crossings to alleviate train horns. Design and permitting on a water main replacement project are ongoing. 

The village also voted earlier this year to move forward with maintenance to its water wells that will likely take place after the summer is over. 

Creston submitted an application for an Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Rebuild Illinois Main Street & Downtown grant for $780,000, $195,000 of which would be matched locally by the village if awarded.

The grant would include reconstruction of Creston’s downtown including new water mains and storm sewer, reconstruction of the street, all new sidewalks, curb and gutter, parking and more.


Byro said the village received an update on a bid from Queens Trucking & Construction to repair a sinkhole on South Main Street. That work will “hopefully” be completed Aug. 8.


Byro said that at next month’s meeting, the board plans to meet with Mark Hill about concerns that he has about drainage on the northside of Illinois Route 38. Byro said there have been drainage issues in the past and “it’s getting worse.”

Hill has told the village that he has tile blowing out and water coming through. Trustee Wayne Williams said the village’s ground water goes into that area and after Creston has plugged holes in its sewer, more water is going out that way.

“He wants to sit down and talk and let everybody know what's going on,” Byro said. “This is on the north side of Illinois Route 38 where our drainage goes underneath and out into that field. Last time, they didn't do much besides cleaning it out. I don't know what you can do besides putting bigger tile in there. Mark has some drawings and stuff on what's going on out there and I know he wants to bring it to the board. I think he has a pretty good idea of what's out there. He'd like to get us on board. We'll see what happens.”


The village plans to dedicate a memorial plaque in honor of former Village President William Heal at Village Hall on Saturday, Aug. 20 at 11 a.m. 

“If you're in town, I'd like to have you here representing the board,” Byro said. “It's going to be a short program. I think it's time we get this done and honor Bill. He did quite a job in this town and he's much appreciated. He did a lot for this community.”


Hydrant flushing will take place in the village over the week of Aug. 8-12.