Creston board: Insurance proposal approved

At its monthly meeting Tuesday, the Creston Village Board unanimously approved an insurance proposal for the year in the amount of $12,993.

Complaints ready for abandoned property issues

CRESTON — At its monthly meeting Tuesday, the Creston Village Board unanimously approved an insurance proposal for the year in the amount of $12,993.

Adam Heal of Query Insurance presented the board its new premium and said last year it was $11,828. The village did see a rate reduction, but saw the additions of $300,000 in additional property coverage and a new pickup truck. 

“We like to make a property evaluation every couple of years and make sure the property values are in line with keeping up with inflation and things like that,” Heal said. “When we got done adding everything up, we thought we were about $300,000 light on the replacement cost of construction on things. We made those adjustments onto the different building values. We made increases on all village-owned property. The overall premium went up $1,100, but there is a lot more necessary coverage in place.”

As part of the board's approval, Village President Tom Byro was authorized to make changes to the village's insurance policy if necessary.


Village Attorney Russ Crull said during the meeting that six complaints have been prepared as the village continues its work on cleaning up abandoned properties over the recent months. Crull has been working with Village Building Inspector Casper Manheim on the issue and title searches were done for all of the properties and the complaints will be sent together.

Property issues involve demolitions and problems with vehicles and rubbish.


The board resolved to move its allowable time for bars to serve alcohol on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 a.m. Byro said the request came from The Moose Knuckle as it endeavors to serve Sunday morning breakfast semi-regularly and its owners want to be able to serve alcoholic beverages earlier to patrons that desire them. 

Bars in Creston are able to serve alcohol starting at 6 a.m. every other day of the week. 

“As liquor commissioner, I'm going to approve this unless any of you have a problem with it or we get complaints,” Byro said. “We'll make it start at the same time as every other day of the week and leave it ending at 10 p.m. on Sundays like it already is.”


Village Trustee Mike Kerns said during the meeting that he’s heard complaints from residents regarding rust issues with village water in various parts of town.

Village officials speculated on potential causes for the rusty water including high winds against the water tower, hydrants needing flushing, a leak in the system and cold weather. Trustees plan to monitor the issue. Byro said issues have not been seen so far with freezing or water main breaks.


The board tabled the issue of replacing a furnace in its maintenance building to get further information from its maintenance staff. Village officials plan to look into the building's insulation and the age and shape of the furnace.

The board resolved to give Byro authority to make any expenditures for the furnace in case of an emergency before the next meeting. The village paid a bill at the meeting for heating costs of the maintenance building for $628.


The village plans to send a proposal to Nicor in the near future as it's currently working on a new contract with the gas company. No action was taken Tuesday. Byro said last month that the new agreement would be for 50 years. Crull said he located all previous negotiations with Nicor and contracts the company has with surrounding towns. Once a proposal is put together, it will be sent, he said.


The board voted unanimously to donate $500 to Wreaths Across America for the Daughters of the American Revolution Rochelle Chapter's 2023 efforts at Woodlawn Cemetery.

The program places wreaths on veterans' graves during the holiday season and the village's donation will go towards the purchase of wreaths. Wreaths cost $15 apiece and the purchase comes at the time of a two-for-one discount (before Jan. 15). About 180 veterans are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in the village.

"I think it would be nice to honor our veterans," Byro said. "It's money well-spent in my opinion."