Cutting a square

Mike Arreguin, Steve Frank and Javier Valdivieso standing by motorcycle

It was a blast from the past in Rochelle Friday night!
The Flagg Township Museum invited the community to come out for a 'Cut the Square' night!
“Back in the day high school kids would drive around town waving at friends and stop in parking lots to hang out,” explained Steve Frank, Rochelle Flagg Township Museum volunteer. “Before the invention of social media, this is one way we socialized.”

Cliff and Carrie Smart

Cliff and Carrie Smart cruise in a Cutlass

Through the years, the route residents would take when cutting the square has changed. Before the overpass was built the main route was Lincoln Highway, to Lincoln Avenue, to Seventh Street to IL Route 38. After construction, that route evolved to Lincoln Highway, to Lincoln Avenue, to Sixth Street, to Fourth Avenue, to Lincoln Highway and ending at the A&W on IL Route 38.



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