Demmer honored by HCCI

Dixon – In November, State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) was honored by the Health Care Council of Illinois (HCCI) for his work on behalf of senior citizens, especially those living in Illinois skilled nursing facilities. At an awards reception in Springfield, several legislators, including Rep. Demmer, were given awards for being “champions of nursing home communities across the state.”
“Rep. Tom Demmer is a true champion for skilled nursing facility residents,” HCCI Board President Daniel Weiss said. “Skilled nursing facility residents are often forgotten, but Rep. Demmer’s leadership this year ensured people living in skilled nursing facilities had a strong voice of support.”
This past spring session, the General Assembly took up several issues that impacted skilled nursing facilities. Rep. Demmer played an important role in the passage of those initiatives. But his work doesn’t stop there. Demmer has helped shepherd these initiatives through the implementation process, as well.
“This past session the legislature increased funding for skilled nursing facility residents with Medicaid,” HCCI Executive Director Pat Comstock said. “The much-needed funding will increase the quality of life for our residents who paid their taxes, raised families and helped build this great state.”
“State government has a responsibility to ensure that programs for Illinois residents, including those for senior citizens, run well and efficiently,” said Rep. Demmer. “I was proud to support legislative initiatives to increase support for nursing home communities across Illinois. I look forward to pursuing further reforms to make sure nursing homes are well-staffed and resourced.”
In addition to the Medicaid rate increase, the General Assembly passed legislation to increase nursing staff on duty at skilled nursing facilities, as well as a scholarship program for individuals from economically depressed areas to earn nursing decrees and work in skilled nursing facilities.


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