Explosive catch

OREGON – If you decided to go fishing for a grenade, what would be the best bait to use?
Turns out it is worms.
At least that’s what worked for Jim Gross of Mount Morris. Gross was fishing in the Rock River just south of downtown Oregon on July 29 when he felt something on his line.
“I thought I got snagged,” he said.
But he wasn’t snagged, and he had not landed what he was fishing for – a catfish or a walleye.
Instead, it was a grenade.
“I saw it, I was really excited,” he said. “And then I was shocked.”
He said the pin had rusted out of the grenade, which he said was probably from the WWII era.
“Someone had it from the war and wanted to get rid of it I guess,” he said.
Gross said he would have liked to donate the rusty artifact to a local museum with war items. But he called the Oregon Police Department, which had a group come from Rockford come down to pick of the grenade for safe disposal.

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