Families getting kick out of fun Tilton School videos

ROCHELLE — “Hey Rochelle, what do you say, we will all stay home today,” sang Tilton School principal Jennifer Derricks, along with school parent Rachel Livingston, to the tune of “Go Cubs Go.”

The duo filmed a short video that highlighted the snow day back in February, both donning winter coats with an idyllic snowfall scene projected behind them. The music video was posted to the school’s Facebook page and shared for everyone to see, evidently to the enjoyment of nearly 10,000 people.

They also sang a video to signify Spring Break, with lyrics reflecting no homework and staying up late — to the tune of “Ghostbusters.”

The videos are showing that principals can strike a fun chord with students — a stark contrast when one might think of the “principal’s office.”

“We’ve received lots of positive comments about how fun the videos are and that when the parents show their students, the kids have really enjoyed them,” Derricks said. “I have really enjoyed working with Rachel (and her catchy lyrics and props) to provide some fun as we move through special chapters during the school year.”

Livingston and her sister, who is a music teacher, wrote the lyrics for the Spring Break video. She admits although there wasn’t much rehearsing, the productions have made an impact nonetheless.

“We went through it briefly, but it’s mostly winging it and hoping it turned out good,” Livingston said. “All over people are recognizing me, saying that we did a great job or that they never knew I sang. A lot of people saw the snow day video…I was at Grubsteakers one day and people told me they saw the video.”

Livingston chuckled as her kids referred to her as “Facebook famous.” They certainly have caught the attention of many in Rochelle.

The Spring Break video was played over the school’s speaker system for the kids to hear the tune. A school year finale video is in the works.

“We just had a good time doing it, I think we both enjoyed it,” Livingston added. “It’s really special to me and I’m glad I can share it with the kids, doing something fun.”

 Below are the links to the Snow Day video and the Spring Break video on the Tilton Elementary School's Facebook page:

Spring Break:


Snow Day:




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