Flagg-Rochelle Public Library holding annual events virtually

ROCHELLE – To keep everybody safe during the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Flagg-Rochelle Public Library announced it will be holding some of its annual events and programs virtually.

The library recently announced it will be conducting its annual Pet Show and summer reading program completely virtually this year. The library has partnered with a program that allows individuals to sign up and keep track of their reading both online and on their own.

The summer reading program is open to people of all ages and is broken up into different age groups accordingly. To register themselves, their child or both, individuals can visit www.flaggrochelle.readsquared.com, answer a few registration questions and they will be assigned to the proper age group.

The different age groups are: Infants to age 5 (not attending kindergarten), age 5 (attending kindergarten) to 12, ages 13-17 and ages 18-19+. While individuals keep track of their reading online, the library will also be monitoring the progress and will announce surprises throughout the program.

“We will be keeping an eye on things and throughout the summer we have some specials things planned to reward them for their reading,” said Connie Avery, youth services librarian and assistant library director. “If they participate this week, maybe they will get a book bag or something like that.”

The library is currently accepting applicants for the program and readers will have until mid-August to finish books. While the program will be conducted much different than it has in the past, the library is hoping the new online system will increase flexibility and allow for more readers to participate.

“Many of the kids are so busy all of the time, so it is hard to get them to come into the library for the program,” Avery said. So, with it being different and them keeping track on their own, we are hoping that it will spark the interest of more readers.”

The library has also announced that its annual Pet Show will be conducted online as well. This would have marked the 60th year the show has taken place at the library, but out of concern for safety, it will be conducted online.

While the library cannot allow pets and people in person, it still wants to showcase pets within the community. The library is asking anybody who would like their pet featured on Facebook to email a photo of the pet, along with something special about the pet, to Connie Avery at [email protected]

“For years, every pet has won a blue ribbon for something special that pet is first place at,” said Avery. “So, we are hoping people tell us a little bit about their pets so that they can all be a winner at something.”

Photos of any kind of pet, alive or stuffed, will be accepted and featured on Facebook. In previous years, the library has featured dogs, cats, lizards, a horse and even a pair of ducks last year.

The library is currently accepting photos and will post a new animal each day on its Facebook page until the photos stop coming in. Both the kids within the community and the library staff look forward to this event every year. 

“This is one of my favorite days all year long,” said Avery. “Not every library has something like this, so it is something very special that our library does for the community.”

If anybody has any questions or concerns about either of the events or help logging into the summer reading program website call the library at 815-562-3431 or email Connie Avery at [email protected]


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