Former park director to receive three months salary, insurance

ROCHELLE — Former Flagg-Rochelle Community Park District executive director Roger Bunger will receive three months pay and three months health insurance benefits as part of a severance and release agreement that was approved by Flagg-Rochelle Community Park District board members in a special meeting last Friday afternoon.

Bunger, who resigned the director’s position on March 5, signed the agreement on April 2 and had until Monday afternoon on April 9 to review and officially accept it following the board vote last Friday.

Salary payments will be made over the three-month period and Bunger will pay the standard employee portion for the insurance coverage.

Bunger, who previously served nearly 10 years on the park board, stepped down as president of the board in the fall of 2016 to fill the vacant executive director position on a part-time interim basis before accepting the full-time role in January of 2017.

Park commissioner Bud Norcross said on Saturday that the commissioners are going to take some time to review the director position before moving forward with a new hire.

Park board president Brent Carmichael said that current staff members will cover all day-to-day operations in the park district office until a decision on the position is made and it is filled.

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