Garbage, recycling rates increase for Creston residents

CRESTON — Residents in Creston can expect to see a minimal increase to their garbage and recycling bill following trustee approval at the village’s monthly meeting Tuesday night.
 The rate for garbage increased 19 cents and the recycling by 4 cents.
Trustees approved the subdivision of two lots on the 2-1/2 acre Davidson property on Woodlawn Road. One property will be zoned residential and the other commercial.
Melody Stege withdrew a liquor license application for the former Smoking Harry’s location. President Wayne Williams said Stege withdrew the application due to the amount of modifications the building needs. Trustees will vote to amend the liquor license ordinance next month.
Seal coat
Officials also received the final bill for the summer seal coat work, which totaled $50,614. Trustees voted to approve the supplemental MFT resolution for the slight shortage of funding to cover the difference from the original resolution passed in January for up to $50,000.
Streets on the north side of the village were part of the sealcoating project.
Following executive session, trustees approved the monthly stipend increase for village treasurer Penny Payton, from $225 to $300.

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