Girls Basketball: Davis-Carter finding herself on the hardwood

Junior Adriannah Davis-Carter goes to the basket for a layup against Ottawa this past season. Basketball has made a tremendous impact on Davis-Carter since she took up the sport in fifth grade. (Photo by Marcy DeLille)

Junior guard's hoops passion fostered from young age

When Lady Hub student-athlete Adriannah Davis-Carter was young, her family always had the sports channels on while she watched television. Her brothers were both heavily involved in sports, so she always wanted to take up a sport she could claim as her own and be great at.

Davis-Carter also competed in multiple sports growing up, but basketball was the sport that made the greatest impact on her life. Her love for basketball started when she went out for her fifth-grade team, and the competitiveness of the sport has brought her back ever since.

“Basketball is such a fast-paced game,” Davis-Carter said. “You’re constantly moving up and down the court and you have to be ready at any moment to either defend or score. It’s crazy how competitive basketball can be. It can go from one team taking the lead to becoming a one-possession game where not letting the other team score is the biggest priority.”

Davis-Carter has spent her last two years with the Rochelle Township High School Lady Hub basketball program, competing with the freshman team before suiting up for the sophomore team this past season. Now a junior, the speedy guard will earn her first crack at varsity competition when the Lady Hubs eventually return to action this coming season.

“I felt like I performed very well with my team during my sophomore season,” Davis-Carter said. “The drive and push we gave each other was amazing and a lot of bonds were created. I’ve been with many of my teammates since my freshman year and we were really able to connect in the gym and in the classroom. As a team, I felt like we moved around the floor well. I’m not sure what to expect next year but I hope we can avoid drama and become a bigger family.”

Davis-Carter said improving her stamina, keeping her emotions in check and being more communicative will be the keys to her individual success this coming season. As she continues preparing for her junior season, Davis-Carter said she wants to be a teammate who can be counted on to create space on the floor, play tough defense and be a vocal leader.

“I felt I could’ve been more talkative last season because our communication in practice was amazing, but it wasn’t always there during games,” Davis-Carter said. “I definitely want to control my speed and gain more stamina. I know I’m fast, but if I spend half the game running around, I know I won’t be able to perform at 100 percent at the end of the game… Self-improvement is a very important thing for me. You are your own coach in that moment, and you can either be lazy or really push yourself in order to see what you need to fix.”


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