Giving local economy a boost

ROCHELLE – The City of Rochelle, Rochelle Chamber of Commerce and Rochelle Retail Advisory Board have come together for an upcoming event that aims to help a local small business hit hard by COVID-19 closures.  
The organizations are planning an upcoming Cash Mob, dedicated to boosting the local economy after COVID-19 closures have taken its toll on many small businesses in the area. The event will begin on Friday, July 31 at 11:30 a.m., at the Rochelle City Hall located at 420 N. 6th St.
Once everyone has gathered at city hall, small, local and nonessential businesses will be written on pieces of paper, put into a hat and one lucky small business will have its name drawn to be mobbed with cash. People are encouraged to bring between $10-20 to spend at the event.
“The main goal is to help those small local businesses catch up, keep their heads above water and for the community to show its love and support,” community development director Michelle Pease said. “If there are 10 of us and we all spend $20 at one business, that would be great.”
The city is inviting anybody in the community to come out and attend. While the city is only planning on mobbing one business, if there is a good enough turnout, it could add another business to ensure proper social distancing is practiced.
“We would love to see 15 or 20 people come out, that would be great for a small business,” Pease said. “If 30 or more people show up, then will just add another business and split up. That would be a great problem to have.”
In addition to maintain proper social distancing, the city is following all guidelines set forth by the CDC and both local and state health officials as well as encouraging attendees to wear a mask. This is the first cash mob the city is hosting and it is very excited to help out businesses in the community who need it most.
“This is a really great opportunity for the city to keep moving forward with supporting our local small businesses,” Pease said.


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