Hillcrest board approves new generator

$180,000 project to power water system, village hall

HILLCREST — Village trustees voted to approve the replacement of the current generator powering the water system during the October board meeting Wednesday evening.

The new generator will cost $180,000 and the village has $75,000 in grant funding it could use to help cover the cost of the project. The generator will provide power for the village water system as well as village hall in the event of an emergency outage. Village trustees were undecided on whether or not to add village hall to the generator’s load, which upped the project cost from $140,000 to $180,000, during the previous board meeting in September.

The village board also approved a motion to begin the application process for an Illinois EPA Grant that could provide up to $5 million in funding for the village’s future infrastructural improvements. The meeting concluded with an approved motion to pass a $55,707 tax levy.

The village still plans to recognize Rochelle Municipal Utilities for its work in the Hillcrest community over the past several months. The next schedule meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 11.


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