Hillcrest officials to make water system improvements

HILLCREST – During their monthly meeting on Wednesday, Village of Hillcrest Trustees learned that their request to use the remaining $75,000 from the sanitary sewer grant on water systems improvements was approved.

The village plans to spend the money on a new generator, repairing line pipes in one of the wells and water tower repairs if funds remain. The grant from The Illinois Department of Commerce and Opportunity expires on June 30, 2019 and Hillcrest has applied for an extension until June 30, 2020.
Village trustees also approved a plan to continue with TruGreen Inc. for spraying weed control along the creek on River road. The plan includes two rounds of spraying, each costing $395.90 for a total cost of $791.80.
“They have been doing it for three or four years, and this is something that we wish to continue to do,” said Hillcrest Village President Jason Fore.
During the meeting trustees also approved a motion to extend the village’s agreement with MGD Water, in the agreement the firm collects water samples and sends them in monthly for testing. The cost increased $15 to $515 per month.
Other business
Several repairs and additions were also discussed on Wednesday, including a water main break that occurred Tuesday evening at the corner of Wayne Road and Scott Avenue. The water main has been repaired along with a chlorine pump that stopped functioning properly.
The village is also working on patching several potholes on a portion of Bethel Road, and a 2011 Ford F-150 pickup truck was also purchased and will be used as the primary vehicle for the maintenance and water departments.
The village is currently searching for a new water technician after the former one resigned. Trustees have accepted a couple applications through social media and will be reviewing them soon.
“We will discuss the current applications and then decide if we want to go out for advertising for that position,” explained Fore
Village Trustee Tim Ball brought to the attention of the board, the problem of cars parked in violation of city ordinances. According to Ball, there are approximately eight cars throughout the village that have been parked illegally for so long that tall grass has begun to grow around them. The village will begin putting window tickets and door tags on these cars.
Village trustees also agreed to create a city ordinance against blowing grass in the street. Residences who blow grass into the street can expect to be issued a citation.
“My recommendation would be like I do when mowing near the street. Mow at least three strips in the same direction away from the street so it blows back into your yard before you turn your mower going the other way,” he explained.


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