Hillcrest taking steps to reduce speeders

HILLCREST — Hillcrest is taking steps to reduce speeders in the village.

On Wednesday evening, trustees approved the purchase of two pairs of speed bumps, which includes hi-visibility warning signs at a total cost of about $1,500. The speed bumps will cover both lanes, shoulder to shoulder and can be removed during the winter. No decision was made as far as location, but straightaway streets will be targeted areas. Village trustee Jason Fore is expected to get recommendations from the Ogle County Sheriff’s office for the location of the 12” wide speed bumps.

Trustees approved the costs for the 2017 road improvements, which were recently completed in several areas including River Road and along Maple Street. The actual cost of $118,900 was below the original estimated figure of $143,129.

Trustees discussed the lease agreement with Leaf River Communications, currently renting space on the village’s water tower. The communications company requested an additional five-year term agreement with the village in a letter last month. Trustees directed village attorney Paul Chadwick to respond to the request with an additional change to reflect a monthly charge of $750. Currently, LR Communications does not pay a monthly fee.

Trustees also discussed the electric easement agreement with Rochelle Municipal Utilities. Similar to the previous item, trustees directed Chadwick to discuss revising the length of the term agreement from 50 years down to five.

Trustees voted to table any action on the permanent placement of the hydrant flushers.

During public comment, Sandy Sullivan with the Rochelle Police Department spoke to trustees on behalf of Rochelle Police Chief Eric Higby regarding radio coverage issues the department has been experiencing. Sullivan, Communications Supervisor, requested permission from Hillcrest trustees to install a five-foot antenna on the village’s water tower.

The antenna would be connected to the Ogle County Sheriff’s equipment already installed at the base of the water tower via coaxial cables.

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