Hopefully city can fill void of lost local rail service

THE closing of the Union Pacific rail intermodal terminal in Rochelle could have a significant economic impact on the cost of doing business for companies in and around Rochelle and surrounding towns.
It doesn’t make sense to me that this multi-million dollar operation is being closed as part of a “simplification” process, and I’m not so sure it will make shipping more simple or cost-effective for businesses in our region.
It is early in the timeline of this story and it seems local leaders are aleady in the process of possibly turning this move into a positive opportunity that could benefit both the city and local businesses.
Let’s hope so.

When will the rain stop?
I feel sorry for folks along rivers as they watch the water creep closer and closer to their homes and businesses.
I also wonder when farmers are going to start working in their fields around here.  Seems pretty water logged out there.
I know Earth goes through climate cycles.  Cold periods, hot periods.  But we need to realize humans have an impact on the environment. Greenhouse gases can cause the oceans to warm, setting off weather patterns that affect every part of the world.
I just hope it is not too late to create a better future for our children and grandchildren.

A big shout out to Kennay Farms Distillery in downtown Rochelle. Snow and rain on prom weekend posed a problem for young men and women who wanted keepsake pictures of their memorable night. The Kennays invited students to have pictures taken in the old theater.  I saw several photos of couples on the balcony and elsewhere in the distillery and they were all warm and dry.  Thanks for helping make the night great.

One legislative leader is proposing eliminating the state estate tax because he named it one of the reasons residents are leaving Illinois.
Really? People are leaving because of the estate tax?
I thought it was the high property taxes, cold winters, a slow growing economy, terrible roads and the general dysfunction in Springfield.  
Another proposal was for a property tax freeze on school district tax rates because the state will be supplying more money under the new tax rate.
I’d love to ask district superintendents if they believe that.

Clarification: Two weeks ago I wrote that no pensions were taxed in Illinois. That does apply only to state income taxes, pensioners still pay federal income tax on pensions.

Terry Dickow is a retired elementary school teacher with lots of opinions, some you will like, some you won’t. He can be contacted at [email protected]


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