Kishwaukee College adopts 2018 College Strategic Plan

MALTA — The Kishwaukee College Board of Trustees has recently approved a new College Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan provides the college with direction for the future and includes a new college mission and vision, values, and strategic initiatives. 

Developing the new strategic plan was an eight-month process, which included gathering feedback through multiple listening sessions with key stakeholders including: faculty and staff, current students, community members, the steering committee, and the college’s board of trustees. The college partnered with John Newton and Associates to gather and review the information used in defining the mission, vision, values, and strategic initiatives of the college. 

The 2018 College Strategic Plan has launched a new college mission statement and vision statement, the first update in 10 years. 

“The core hasn’t changed but the language is refreshed and simplified,” Dr. Laurie Borowicz, Kishwaukee College president, said.

Another new piece of the strategic plan is the addition of the college values. 

“We’ve added the college values to demonstrate what we stand for and believe in,” Dr. Borowicz said, adding “[with the new plan] the college and community a glimpse of who we are and where we’re going.”

The strategic plan also includes strategic initiatives: Student success, external partnerships, valuing employees, continuous improvement and resource management. These initiatives provide the road map for the college. To meet the continuous and rapidly changing landscape of higher education, annual goals will fall under the strategic initiatives. 

Bob Johnson, Chair of the Kish College Board of Trustees, explained the importance of the new Strategic Plan during Kishwaukee College’s 50th anniversary homecoming event. He quoted Warren Buffet by saying “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” 

The new strategic plan is reflective of the bright future at the college, built upon a rich tradition of providing quality education to the community. 

“Kish has improved lives for our students and community residents for the past 50 years. The vision and planning of the ad-hoc pre-referendum committee and all the Trustees, Foundation Board members, administrators, faculty, support personnel, and citizen members of various advisory committees have served Kish students well for 50 years by following the faithful execution of those plans,” Johnson said.

To view the 2018 College Strategic Plan, please visit To view the college’s annual goals visit

What Kishwaukee College stands for and believes in:

Learner focused

Cultivate an environment that encourages life-long learning.


Provide an education to our students with a focus on excellence and continuous improvement. 


Strive to build positive and trusting relationships through thoughtful communication and teamwork. 


Support an environment of transparency, fairness and straightforwardness.


Adhere to a high standard of institutional ethics. 


Support and embrace a diverse campus community.


Provide varied and accessible educational opportunities to meet changing learner needs.  

Service to 


Promote involvement through leadership, collaborative partnerships and volunteerism.



Take calculated, data-driven risks and act with a sense of urgency to meet community needs.


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