Kishwaukee supports all students on their individual educational journey

Last spring, I received an e-mail from Kishwaukee College alum Madison Hunt. I remember Madison well from her time at Kishwaukee College. She played on the volleyball team, served as treasurer on Student Government, spoke at the Foundation Gala and gave the student address at Fall 2018 commencement.
Madison’s e-mail reminded me of the important work community colleges do: Help students come into their own on their unique educational path. Some students come to Kishwaukee College and gain all the skills or credentials they need for their career. For others, though, Kishwaukee College is their first step before transferring to a university. We are proud to serve all students, no matter their goal.
Madison came to Kishwaukee College because she knew she would get personalized attention while saving money. She began her college career while at Sycamore High School, earning 21 credit hours through dual credit, and walked across Kishwaukee College’s graduation stage with her associate degree.
At Illinois State University now double-majoring in integrative marketing communication and organizational leadership, Madison has taken on increasing leadership positions at the university including becoming pledge class president of the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi.
I am proud of Madison’s work and all the great work our students do once they leave us. Kishwaukee College is committed to supporting all students and celebrates each of their successes. Madison is one of many who are becoming leaders amongst their peers and helping the next generation rise.
An excerpt from Madison’s unsolicited e-mail:

[I miss Kish and the staff dearly. I am emailing you to say thank you. My time at Illinois State University has been more than I could ever ask for [.…] I have had so many opportunities here at ISU but wouldn’t have been able to secure any of them without everything I learned at Kish. Thank you for providing the best educational environment for Kish students to grow and be who they really are. Kish gave me a second home and a place I’m proud to say I come from. It is one of the first things I tell people, and something I talk about often in any interview. I hope you and everyone and Kish are doing well. I can’t wait till I can come home and visit Kish.]

Dr. Laurie Borowicz is the president at Kishwaukee College


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