Kuroda to present “Bobcat: Illinois’ Native Cat” program

ROCKFORD — The Northwest Illinois Audubon Society’s February monthly meeting held Tuesday, Feb. 2 at 7 p.m. features “Bobcat: Illinois’s Native Cat” presented by Jennifer Kuroda.
Bobcats, named for their short, bobbed tail, are about twice the size of a common house cat and use their keen sight and hearing to hunt rabbits, squirrels, small rodents and birds. They are mostly nocturnal, reclusive animals that prefer forested or wooded areas. Once hunted almost to extinction in the Midwest, bobcats have been making a comeback over the past 40 years. The program will cover many facets of the elusive cats, including history, biology, predator perception, management and information about the ongoing bobcat population studies in Illinois.
Kuroda is the founder of the Illinois Bobcat Foundation. She received her bachelor’s degree from Rockford University and is a lifelong Rockford resident. She serves as the board president of the Sinnissippi Audubon Society and Audubon Council of Illinois.
Anyone who wants to join the presentation should email [email protected] to receive the link and password to join this Zoom program. The meeting begins with chapter announcements followed by the feature presentation and time for questions and discussions at the end.  
For more information, visit the Northwest Illinois Audubon Society website at nwilaudubon.org.


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