Letter: Appreciation for RCH CEO

Dear editor,

It takes a special combination of years of experience, wisdom and caring to successfully head a small town hospital these days. Rochelle is blessed to have these traits in CEO Gregg Olson.

After Jan. 28 when Peru's St. Margaret Health Hospital closed, Rochelle Community Hospital hosted a job fair just days later trying to help those employees who had lost their jobs. This goes to show how Gregg Olson cares a lot about small town hospitals and their employees.

There are many ways he shows this, but one of the most recent examples was when Mr. Olson and his wife Denise made homemade treats and took them around to employees working New Year's Eve. They wanted these employees to know how valued and appreciated they are and to thank them for working on a holiday.

In the Feb. 7 News-Leader, we read of Mr. Olson's wish to potentially start offering behavioral/ mental health services in the near future. He sees the need when many enter the hospital with these kinds of problems after COVID-19 and other reasons.

A grateful thanks to Gregg Olson for what he has done and what he continues to do at RCH. We want him to know how truly appreciated he is.

-Jeri Johns, Rochelle