Letter: Former student in favor of Pillen for school board

Dear Rochelle community members,

When evaluating the candidates for the Rochelle Township High School District 212 school board, I can think of no one more qualified than Laurie Pillen. Laurie has been an active member of the RTHS community for nearly 40 years and has been a speech coach for 36 years. As a former student of Laurie’s, I can personally attest to her commitment to continually improving RTHS and her dedication to students throughout her many years. As a guidance counselor, she has worked closely with both students and parents to address important issues in the high school community. And as a speech coach, she has spent many long hours outside of the regular work day to foster an environment to challenge students and help them develop communication skills and confidence. She also pioneered the Renaissance program, an incentive-based program that rewards students for attendance and academic excellence. Laurie has always had a strong voice and electing her to the school board will provide her with the platform she needs to continue fighting for students’ needs. The combination of her extensive experience and fierce loyalty to the community makes her an invaluable resource to the school board, which has always strived to understand and meet the needs of the school district; therefore, I strongly encourage you to vote for Laurie Pillen.

-Lexy LeMar