Letter: Happy Mother’s Day

Dear editor,

My mother was like most mothers. She was warm, kind, caring, loving, protective, generous and always worried about my sister and I.

She was also happy. In every picture I have of her she is either smiling or laughing.

But — funny?

In the two years since she passed away, I don’t know how many people have told me how funny she was.

“She was always making us laugh,” One of her friends told me. “She always had something funny to say.”

I knew she had a sense of humor, but that was a side of her I never saw.

I don’t think children — no matter how old we may be — really see their mothers the way that others do. There’s so much more to them than we realize.

All we can do is love them and appreciate them and listen to them — even if we don’t always agree with them — while we can. Once they’re gone, it’s too late. And no one can really replace them.

God bless them all.

Happy Mother’s Day!

-Doug Oleson, Rochelle


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