Letter: Holiday decorating may come to an end

To the Rochelle community,

I am a 100 percent disabled veteran on a fixed income. I currently live at the corner of 8th Avenue and 9th Street in Rochelle. Even though I have been forced to move into town, I have continued my late wife’s tradition of decorating the property during the holidays for the children.

Everyone seems to enjoy the Halloween decorations and treats judging by the crowds we get. And I am constantly thanked for the Christmas displays we have set up.

However, thanks to the 10 percent of the community who desire to steal and vandalize thousands of dollars of worth of decorations each year, and I can give detailed accounting, I regret that at this point my wife’s family tradition may have to come to an end.

Although I have supported this community in many ways, it was shown me only disappointment.

-Leon A. Bozek, Rochelle