Letter: Support for Goodwin for high school board

Dear Rochelle and surrounding area community members, 

As a teacher for 24 years and a mom to two school-aged children, I proudly support Patricia Goodwin as a school board member candidate for Rochelle Township High School D212. Patricia is committed to our children’s academic excellence first and foremost. She understands the responsibilities of being a board member and is committed to serving our community. She is willing to do the work and make sure decisions are made that promote student growth and provide the necessary tools for our teachers to be successful in the classroom, all while being fiscally responsible. In addition, she wants to build trust between the board and the parents. Every decision that Patricia will make will be based on what is best for students. As a teacher, this is who I would want making decisions on the school board. I strongly encourage you to vote for Patricia Goodwin for the RTHS school board. A vote for Patricia Goodwin is a vote for a candidate that supports academic excellence for all.

-Jackie Bingham Ramsey, Rochelle