Letter: Treatment of visitors to Rochelle

Dear editor,

So there I was, waiting at Steve’s Automotive repair shop. Our great granddaughter’s first car was waiting to be serviced. Also waiting was a senior couple from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Oh, and yes they were Packer fans in Bear country.

Steve came out and explained to them the chunk of ice that flew off a semi truck on Interstate 39 destroyed their wiper motors (both of them) and none were in stock at the local dealer. However, Steve did locate (after several used parts dealers) used motors and completed the repairs. The couple from Green Bay was very happy and continued on their way to Florida. And they weren’t overcharged, either.

Simple you may think, however, I was in awe of the way our Rochelle businesses take care of strangers. I am reminded of how many people on Facebook complain about local services, the hospital, the police, landlords, the list goes on. Yet they seem to always gripe about something.

Rochelle is a wonderful small town with a big heart. Thank you Steve’s Automotive for all that you do.

-Dennis Swinton, Rochelle