Local high school students began EMSA program at Kishwaukee College this summer

MALTA — Kishwaukee College’s Engineering, Math & Science Academy welcomed 27 local high school students into the program this summer, making it the largest class since 2016. The 2019-2020 EMSA class consists of students from DeKalb High School, Genoa-Kingston High School, Sycamore High School and Oregon High School.
The unique program offers high school students an early start on their college careers by taking college-level courses during junior or senior year. Students can earn up to 23 credit hours through the EMSA program, generally transferrable to 4-year public universities. EMSA students have transferred to some of the top engineering schools in the country, including the University of Illinois, Purdue, Georgia Tech and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
“EMSA is a great opportunity for highly motivated students that are looking to get a head start on college,” says EMSA advisor and assistant professor of physics & engineering Alan Edgecombe. “Kish College offers small class sizes and a great learning environment at an affordable cost.”  
Students have the option to follow one of two tracks during their year in the EMSA program. “When we began EMSA over 10 years ago, the program was geared towards students entering the engineering and physics fields,” says dean of instruction Kyra Rider. “We soon saw a demand for a track that emphasized science-based professions such as pre-med, pre-veterinary and physical therapy, so we responded with the development of the pre-professional track.”
The 27 high school students completed Calculus I this summer and will progress on their chosen track in the fall. The 6 pre-professional track students will take Biology and Chemistry whereas the other 21 students will enter the engineering track and take Calculus II and Physics.
“Parent feedback has been very positive. We are happy to provide this opportunity for high school students to receive dual credit that satisfies their high school requirement and earns them college credit,” Edgecombe adds.  
EMSA is open to any high school student who has completed pre-Calculus and Chemistry with a “B” grade or better, whether entering their junior or senior year of high school. Application materials must be received by the college no later than Jan. 31 of the year in which the student plans to begin.
Students interested in participating in EMSA are encouraged to discuss it with their high school guidance counselor and attend the informational meeting at Kishwaukee College on Nov. 13.
For more information, visit www.kish.edu/emsa or contact dean of instruction Kyra Rider at [email protected] or 815-825-9525.


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