Memorial Christmas tree honors families

ROCHELLE — In honor of the families the Beverage-Lyons Famliy Funeral Homes of Rochelle, Ashton and Sandwich have assisted throughout the year, a Memorial Christmas Tree has been established. 

The tree can be seen from Richardson Avenue in Ashton, Sixth Street in Rochelle and Railroad Street in Sandwich.  The tree will be lit from now until the New Year in honor of your loved ones.

The Christmas tree has ornaments with the names of the deceased and their date of death.

 “We are remembering our families and would like to offer those of you who have had loved ones who have passed away to be memorialized on our tree, regardless if we assisted in their service or not,” Jeff Beverage said.

Call the funeral home at 815-453-2441 in Ashton, 815-562-6872 and Rochelle and 815-786-6715 in Sandwich with names of the deceased and their date of death. The ornament will be placed on the tree.

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