New hydrants in Creston

CRESTON – During their monthly meeting on Tuesday, Village of Creston trustees approved a motion to purchase two new fire hydrants in a plan to begin replacing outdated ones that are leaking.
The town has at least five hydrants that are in need of replacement. The hydrants have reportedly been leaking for a while and for many of them, replacement parts are no longer being manufactured.
“We have several hydrants leaking, there are about five of them leaking through the top of the stem,” said Wayne Williams, Creston village president. “They are old hydrants and they need to be replaced. We have sat on these things for long enough.” 
Each hydrant costs approximately $5,000 to replace and will be added to the 2020 budget.
Trustees also discussed the issue of manholes throughout town that have been leaking into the sewer system. To fix this problem, the city has been using a process of pumping grout down around the leak.
Grout goes to the outside of the manhole, interacts with the water in the soil and creates a barrier. To this point, seven manholes have been repaired using 200 gallons of grout.
“I’ve got to say that grouting business is probably the best move that this village has made toward that sewer system,” expressed Mike Kerns, village board trustee.
Other business
Trustees approved a seven-year contract with Northern Illinois Disposal, that states the waste company will add three new dumpsters for the Booster Days celebration and one other event that is coming up.
One other item discussed was the need to update the village hall to meet fire code. The fire department did an inspection of the building and found a several fire code violations, including the need for new exit signs that light up, installing back up lights in case of a power outage, servicing fire extinguishers and mounting the on the wall and installing maximum occupancy signs in the meeting room.


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