News-Leader to debut new publication schedule, design

Wednesday, Sunday format starts Jan. 9

ROCHELLE — Starting this next week, Rochelle News-Leader readers will be ushered into a new era as the paper will shift its publication schedule from three issues per week to a twice weekly format.

On Jan. 9, the News-Leader will publish its first Wednesday Midweek edition, followed by its Sunday Weekend edition on Jan. 13.

The transition is being done to better align the local news cycle and how the News-Leader delivers the news with the desires of all readers, focusing on both print and online vehicles.

“Over the course of time, the paper has taken a variety of forms and publication schedules, each appropriate for its place in history,” said News-Leader publisher John Shank “As we move forward to the next page, we are committed to do the same. Our goal has always been to reach our readers in the format that best fits their needs and to be flexible enough to change and grow as their needs evolve.”

Shank added that as more readers choose to receive their news and information in a digital format today, the paper needs to meet their desire with a product that not only delivers the news in a timely online manner, but also one that provides an extensive and in-depth print product.

“This exciting change will allow our local reporting staff to focus on just that– local reporting,” Shank said. “We will be able to provide a greater volume of more in-depth stories in our two publications and increase our online offerings on a daily basis.”

Shifting to two editions per week does not mean less news for readers or less opportunities for advertisers. In fact, this new twice weekly news cycle format will not only allow the News-Leader staff to provide the same popular hometown news, features, columns, sports, special sections and advertising in a new bold and impressive print package, but also enable the operation to focus on delivering more frequent and timely digital content each day.

“Our website at, which averages more than 75,000 page views per month, will be updated daily with breaking news, timely coverage of government meetings, human interest features, the latest local sports scores and more,” Shank stated. “And, as always, News-Leader print subscribers receive free full access to our website and E-edition, where your ads also viewed regularly.”

The final Tuesday and Thursday editions of the News-Leader will be published in the first week of January. News and advertising features typically published in those editions will be merged into the Wednesday Midweek and the Sunday Weekend edition, and the Rochelle shopper will now be published each Tuesday.

New design

In addition to the publication schedule shift, the News-Leader will also notice a new sleek size and contemporary design. Shank explained that the width of the publication will be reduced slightly to make it easier to handle when reading, while the look of the publication is getting tweaked and updated to improve the aesthetics, navigation and flow of content.

“We are excited to be bringing the News-Leader into this new era,” Shank said. “And we are still committed to being your most comprehensive and reliable local media source with a dedicated focus on local news and local views.”


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