Ogle County Sheriff offers new program to check on seniors

OREGON — Ogle County Sheriff Brian VanVickle announced this week the implementation of a new service, the Senior Check-In Program.
This program is for senior citizens who live alone and do not have family within 50 miles of their residence to check on them.
“Once we receive an application from a senior, they will begin getting a phone call once a week on a designated day and time from one of our dedicated dispatchers,” VanVickle said. “Not only does this check on their well being, but it offers a little more peace of mind for the senior, as well as family members.”
 For the application, as well as questions on the Senior Check-In Program visit www.oglecounty.org/departments/sheriff/. Applications can also be mailed to a senior who does not have access to a computer upon request by calling the business office 815-732-1101.
“We have found in recent months a growing need for additional resources to ensure the safety of the senior population living alone. This program is designed to provide not only peace of mind but also increase safety especially during the upcoming winter,” VanVickle added.


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