On voter registration cards

The Ogle County Clerk has been sending out new voter registration cards to county voters. This is done every two years to try to find out who has moved and not notified the clerk of a change of address.

If you are a registered voter and do not get the postcard, please contact the county clerk, Laura Cook. If you have moved, the card will not be forwarded or delivered to your old address. 

When it is returned to the county office, you will be taken off the voters’ rolls. That means you won’t be able to vote for me when I run for president.  

The ‘why’ of things

Ok, sometimes I just don’t understand the why of things.  

Recently a sign went up on 8th Street at 10th Avenue. The sign on 8th Street north of 10th Avenue says “No Outlet”.  

Sure enough, when you get to the northern end of 8th Street there is a “Do Not Enter” sign at the REC Center parking lot.

If you live in  a house on the north end, and want to go out you have to go south on 8th Street to 10th Avenue, I guess you could violate the Do Not Enter zone, but I am sure most people will not.

Eighth Street is a popular parking area for the Saturday markets at Cypress House. Will all those who park there now just turn around in driveways and go back to an already congested 10th Street?

I am sure there is a logical reason for the new signs, but I am not a logical person. People have driven north on that street for more years than I have lived in Rochelle, and it will be a hard habit to break. Or accept.

On the subject of signs, there is a new sign at Flagg and Skare Road. Motorists on Skare are cautioned that “Cross Traffic Does Not Stop”

I don’t think that will make the intersection a lot safer. Traffic has increased on Flagg Road, both in numbers and in speed. To me the intersection needs to be a four way stop with a reduced speed on Flagg Road in that area.  

By the way, whenever I see the sign Cross Traffic Does Not Stop I wonder what Happy Traffic does.

This weekend

Remember… it’s not mattress and patio furniture sales we should be celebrating this weekend.

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