OPINION: Wants litter cleaned up

Dear Editor,
As representative of the citizens of Lynville Township, we want to raise our concern about the visible increase of litter strewn along the roads and blowing across the fields in our state of Illinois.
It is not at all uncommon to see solid waste transport trucks driving down our roads while garbage is flying out of the back end because tarps are not adequately securing the loads or residual garbage from emptied trucks is left to fly out at will.
Not only does the litter along our roadways affect the beauty of our rural landscape, but it is deters visitors from wanting to spend time in Illinois, thus reducing possible income for local businesses as well as sales tax revenue for the state of Illinois itself. The litter is harmful to our environment and negatively impacts our wildlife and farming industry as much garbage blows into our farm fields.
We are asking concerned citizens contact our state congressman to pro-actively seek to enforce the State of Illinois Litter Act. Impose the legal fines on those who litter. Enforce penalties described in Chapter 35, Paragraph 86-8 of the Illinois Litter Act which requires those who litter to maintain litter control over a designated portion of an affected highway where the offense occurred.
Please set the matter of keeping Illinois beautiful as a priority and support the enforcement of the State of Illinois Litter Act. Thank you.
Members of Lynnville Township Board


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