OPINION: Why is Ogle County a dump for Chicago, suburbs?

Dear Editor,
My questions are directed to the Ogle County Board. I believe that as a resident of this county there are questions that need to be addressed.
My main concern is about this county and others being the dump for Chicago and suburbs. Why do we need to be the dump site for big brother?
I think that the reason why the trash is transported 90 miles to our lovely county is because all the counties between Ogle and Chicago have turned down their garbage money.
What is going to happen in the future generations when this dump starts to leak into the water system? Will the tax money we are getting now pay for filters” I also have heard that Chicago doesn’t even recycle so that probably doubles the amount of trash being dumped here.
Drive up IL Route 251 sometime and look at the mountain of trash, but careful of all the dump trucks coming and going delivering thousands of tons of Chicago’s leftovers.
I can only hope that the new board members start to ask some questions as to why we are Chicago’s dump.
Maybe someone can tell us how long we have left before Ogle County is buried.
Dennis Bearrows