Opinion: Writer believes in the good in people

Dear Editor,

Our country has seen bad times before, history tells us and some have been through some of it and there is no need for me to spell them out.

We have survived and thrived. We can do it again and without all the negative language we so often hear. All should play a part and before you give up, think about the positive things.

When a house burns volunteer the fire department shows up and neighbors come to help. When some underinsured child has a serious illness we help raise funds. When someone loses a family member we rally around to help them cope. When tornadoes rip through a small town we turn out to help. When we need scout leaders, help in food pantries or rescuers of lost pets people turn out in force.

I have yet to see helpers ask what church do they go to, what color are they or how do they vote? That is when we make the effort to extend the hand of tolerance to color, religion and yes, political points of views. Believe in our better angels. It is in all of us to be good. Do not hold the wake for America just yet.  

Lynne Fleming Wilburn

Mount Morris

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