Police investigating counterfeit money at local banks

Fake $50 and $100 bills found in bank deposits

ROCHELLE — Rochelle Police are investigating counterfeit money that was discovered at a local bank.
On Monday, the Rochelle Police Department took a report of two counterfeit $50 bills, which had been discovered in a bank deposit. The bills had the same serial numbers and did not contain the security strip, water mark or color shifting ink that appears on today’s U.S. currency.
Please take time to verify bills received contain these features.
On Tuesday, police took a report of a fraudulent $100 bill which had also been located in a bank deposit. The bill was determined to be “Movie Money.” The bill clearly states “For Motion Picture Purposes” and has none of the required security features required in today’s U.S. currency.
If you receive “Movie Money” it would be recommended that it be disposed of; however, there is no law against possessing “Movie Money,” although attempting to represent the money as actual U.S. currency for payment would be considered fraud.
If you receive a counterfeit bill contact the Rochelle Police Department at 815-562-2131.

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