Police investigating middle school bomb threat

Note on bathroom stall references April 26

ROCHELLE — A bomb threat written on a Rochelle Middle School bathroom stall was found by a custodian on Tuesday night, and it referenced April 26 as the date something would occur.
Parents and guardians of Rochelle Middle School students received an informational email from the school district late Tuesday night informing them of the threat.
“We approached this as we do with all threats of this nature, which is in a serious matter. The police were called immediately and an investigation has begun to try and determine the person or persons involved with the threat,” Rochelle Elementary School District 231 superintendent Todd Prusator stated in the email. “…no specific persons were targeted with the threat. We have been in discussions with the Rochelle Police Department to determine the extent of additional security measures.”
Prusator stated the context of the writing “would suggest a middle school student whose objective is to cause fear and disruption more than an actual threat… If harm were the main purpose, the person most likely would not give a specific warning in advance.”
In his email, Prusator encourages middle school parents to talk with their children in an appropriate manner regarding the issue and to bring any information forward that might be helpful in the investigation.

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