Police investigating reports of stolen, burglarized vehicles

ROCHELLE – Multiple vehicles were reported stolen or broken into late Thursday night in Rochelle. 

The Rochelle Police Department received reports of three vehicles broken into with items stolen or out of place due to intent to steal valuables. During the same night, two vehicles, a Kia and an unknown model pick-up truck were reported stolen. 

The Kia was recovered in Rockford and the Ogle County Sheriff’s Department had a pursuit with the pick-up on Interstate 39, but was unable to recover the vehicle. All of the incidents occurred around the same time and the vehicles were in the same proximity, so police believe they were all related incidents. 

“Some of the victims said they knew their vehicles were okay at 9 p.m. and when they went out at 3 or 4 a.m. for work, they found them burglarized or missing,” Rochelle Police Chief Eric Higby said. “They were all within the Joanne Lane area and if you get a one block stretch with several incidents, it is most likely the same people doing it.”

There are currently no suspects, but the police station has recovered surveillance video from multiple homes that were targeted that it will be reviewing.  A small amount of cash and a purse were taken from one of the burglarized vehicles and a small amount of cash and some sunglasses were taken from another.

Nothing was taken from the third burglarized vehicle, but the door was left open and items were moved out of place. All of the stolen and burglarized vehicles were left unlocked during the night, so the Rochelle Police Department is reminding the community to lock their vehicles at night. 

“If residents keep their vehicles locked, that goes a long way towards preventing this,” Higby said. “Also, take the keys and valuables out of it so they are less likely to break in and cannot just drive off with the vehicle.” 


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