Presidential toss-up

Divided nation awaits results in key swing states; Ogle County sets record turnout

ROCHELLE — Voters across the United States are anxiously awaiting the final results of the 2020 General Election. Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden currently holds a 238-213 Electoral College advantage over Republican Party candidate Donald Trump in the presidential race.

Biden also maintains a slight lead in the popular vote, outpacing Trump with 69,569,916 votes (50.1 percent) against Trump’s 67,052,591 (48.3 percent). Nearly all states have declared winners, according to the Associated Press, but votes are still being tallied in several battleground states such as Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia. The winner will likely be determined later this week as absentee ballot counts continue.

Illinois reported 80 percent of its results through Wednesday morning, with Biden carrying 55.1 percent (2,883,982) against Trump’s 43 percent (2,249,793). Voters are disapproving of the Illinois Graduated Income Tax Proposal, with more than 2.7 million (55 percent) of voters siding against the amendment and more than 2.2 million (45 percent) voters siding with.

Ogle County

A record 82.7 percent of registered voters from Ogle County participated in the 2020 General Election, with Donald Trump receiving 61.3 percent (16,092) of the votes against Joe Biden’s 35.4 percent (9,300). Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen finished third with 378 votes.

Republican Mark Curran in the U.S. Senate race, with Curran totaling 58.6 percent (15,400) of votes against Democrat Dick Durbin’s 35.7 percent (9,369). Republican Adam Kinzinger outpaced Democrat Dani Brzozowski in the U.S. House of Representatives race, with Kinzinger recording 69.2 percent (18,182) of the votes over Brzozowski’s 29 percent (7,622).

Republican Andrew Chesney carried 70.7 percent (3,658) of the vote over Independent John Cook’s 22.5 percent (1,166) for the 89th Representative District. Results for the 90th Representative District will not be finalized until later this week due to an error in the tabulating process, according to a statement from Ogle County Clerk and Recorder Laura Cook.

“During the tabulation process the Ogle County Clerk’s Office discovered that the electronic vote tabulators did not read the oval marks correctly in this race,” Cook’s statement wrote. “Pursuant to law and in the interest of ensuring the accuracy, integrity and transparency of the results of this district, a re-tabulation will be required. The Democratic and Republican Party chairpersons have been apprised of the situation. The Ogle County Clerk’s Office will begin the re-tabulation process on Thursday, Nov. 5.”

Ogle County voters opposed the Fair Tax amendment, with 70.9 percent of voters (18,627) siding against and 25.4 percent of voters (6,660) siding for the amendment. Ogle County elected eight board members including Zachary Oltmanns (District 1), Thomas Smith (District 2), Daniel Miller (District 3), David Williams (District 4), Donald Griffin (District 5), Larry Boes (District 6), John Finfrock (District 7) and Marcia Heuer (District 8).

Douglas Lee and John Roe won elections for the 15th Judicial Circuit, while Ann Jorgensen and Mary Schostok were named winners in the 2nd Judicial District. Kim Stahl won the Circuit Clerk election with 22,874 votes and Mike Rock won the State’s Attorney election with 22,544 votes. Louis Finch won the Coroner election with 22,573 votes.


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