Protecting public health and property in Ogle County

Oregon — Projects to protect residents and property from storms and other natural hazards will be discussed at the Ogle County All Hazards Mitigation Planning Committee meeting on Aug. 28 at the Ogle County Sheriff’s Office, 202 South First Street, in Oregon.
The meeting begins at 1 p.m. and is open to the public.
“Severe storms frequently damage buildings, crops, roads, and other critical infrastructure in this area. At least $15.8 million in verified damages were caused by 56 severe weather and natural hazard events. There were likely more damages that were not documented. Consequently, we are seeking to identify preventative steps that can reduce the dollar damages as well as protecting public health before severe weather strikes,” according to Tom Richter, Coordinator, Ogle County Emergency Management Agency.
Projects identified by municipal representatives at this meeting will become part of the Ogle County All Hazards Mitigation Plan.  While the public has provided input on portions of the Plan, the entire Plan will be presented for public review and comment before it is submitted to the state and federal government for approval.  
“A public forum will be conducted later this year for interested persons to review the plan and ask questions of committee members. A two week public comment period will be established to accommodate interested persons who are unable to attend the forum. We want to make sure that anybody who is interested has an opportunity to review and comment on the draft plan,” added Richter.
Interested persons can submit questions and comments to the committee members or directly to the Ogle County Emergency Management Agency.  

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