Ready for warmer temperatures

I am not sure what season we are having. Snow, frost, freeze, 70s…and that was just the last week. I am ready for warmer temperatures, and I bet you are, too. I am hoping for a little rain. It seems awfully dry. I was watching a farmer work a field and he was raising a lot of dust. That can’t be good.

I have not been at the Rec center for a while. With the outside weather warming up, I seem to have enough gardening and mowing to take up my time, which makes it hard to get in a walk.

I have heard a couple of people say they were not entirely happy about scheduling at the center. With swim teams, swim lessons and other planned activities, I was told it is hard to schedule a time to swim if you work a “9-to-5” job and don’t want to swim late at night.

Reserving court time on the weekend may also be a problem. There seem to be plenty of open times during the week, but weekends seem to be a bit tight.

One suggestion I have is to talk to Jackee Ohlinger, park district director. If you have a complaint, voice it to her instead of letting it build inside you. You may not be happy with the answer, but at least you will have voiced your concerns.

I see where local bowler Dan Wyka bowled a 300 game, the first one in his bowling career. That’s a great accomplishment. I once bowled 300, but it took me three games to do it. 

Do you have a barn or garage full of old stuff? If so, the American Pickers might be interested. The popular TV show is going to be filming in Illinois in May. My friend, Ione, thinks it would be pretty neat to have them come to Rochelle to do some picking, and I do, too.  

A few years ago, they were in the Ashton area and did some collecting there. They seem to be interested in old advertising signs, motorcycles, bikes, cars and all sorts of antique tools.

If you have a barn or basement full of old stuff, contact them at  [email protected] or call 855-OLD-RUST.

And tell us if they are coming to pick at your place.

Glad to see the class of 2021 will have a graduation ceremony!

Contact Terry Dickow at [email protected].


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