Recycling 101

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

People have incorporated these practices into their daily lives, whether it’s reducing their product purchases, reusing or repurposing old and used materials and making sure to separate trash and recyclable items responsibly.

Northern Illinois Disposal assembled a list of items that may be placed in your recycling container.

Glass: Rinse out all glass containers; labels do not need to be removed. Only glass containers that are clear, green, and brown (amber) are accepted. The waste facility does not accept light colored red and blue glass bottles as well as broken glass.

Aluminum and tin:  Rinse out all food and beverage containers. Formed containers such as disposable pie plates are also accepted as well as clean foil.

Paper:  Writing paper, magazines, junk mail, envelopes, phone books and brown grocery bags are accepted. Chipboard, such as cereal boxes, 12-pack beverage boxes, frozen food packages and juice boxes are accepted.

Cardboard:  Place under the bin any clean corrugated boxes or shipping boxes. Break down or cut so they are flat and no longer than two feet by two feet. Pizza boxes are not accepted.

Plastic:  Rinsed items with a number one through seven are accepted (this number is at the bottom of the container).

Items not accepted:  Styrofoam, rubber bands, plastic bags, soiled paper, pizza boxes, tissue paper, paper towels or wax-coated paper, crystal, perfume bottles, windows, light colored red and blue glass bottles and broken glass.

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