Register for General Primary Election

OREGON — Are you registered to vote?  Ogle County Clerk Laura J. Cook and the State Board of Elections urge you to check your voter registration status.
If you voted in the April 2017 Consolidated Election and have not moved or changed your last name, your voter registration record is current. Those individuals who experienced difficulty in April at the polls should take time to check their status.
The deadline to register with a Deputy Registrar for the March 20 General Primary Election is Feb. 20. Call the office of the County Clerk at 815-732-1110 to check your registration status.
You can check your voter registration online by visiting the Ogle County Website at or the State Board of Elections at
Take the time to check your voter registration and discuss with family and friends as to the status of their voter registration. Go to your local library, city or village clerk’s office, driver’s license facility (if updating your driver’s license) or Ogle County Clerk’s Office to register.
If you are unable to register by Feb. 20, Illinois has “Grace Period Voter Registration and Voting” at the Ogle County Clerk’s Office in Oregon, Feb. 21 through March 20. At that time, the voter must cast a ballot that cannot be revoked at the polls on Election Day.
Please call the Ogle County clerk’s office at 815-732-1110, if you have any questions about your voter registration.

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